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Fluidinfo Documentation

Fluidinfo is a new hosted storage platform, designed to provide a global metadata and personalization engine - for everyone and everything. Fluidinfo is a product of Fluidinfo Inc., a New York based startup.

These are the main online sources of information about Fluidinfo:

  • High-level: (The page you are now looking at) A simple description of Fluidinfo - its data model, query language, permissions, etc. - and how applications and information publishers can use it.
  • Advanced Concepts: The advanced concepts section contains implementation details about Fluidinfo, as well as an introduction to using Fluidinfo’s REST API.
  • API Reference: The API Reference is an in-depth guide to the Fluidinfo API. It examines the request format and all possible responses for each API call.
  • Blog: Uses, goals, advantages, and characteristics of Fluidinfo can be found in the Fluidinfo blog.
  • Twitter: Links to new blog articles and other news are announced via the @Fluidinfo user on Twitter.
  • IRC: The best way to get rapid feedback on questions and to meet other people writing code for Fluidinfo is to join us in the #fluidinfo channel on The group is very active, and there are programmers there familiar with accessing Fluidinfo from a variety of languages.
  • Mailing lists: You may be interested to join the high-level discussion list or, if you are a programmer, the users list. To just hear about high-level Fluidinfo announcements, join the announce list.

Thank you for your interest in Fluidinfo!